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Best color palette for your undertone

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I don't know about you, but when I was new to makeup, I found everything about it overwhelming. I mean, could there be any more choices for literally every beauty product out there on the market? I try to tell my clients the same thing that I wish someone would've told me early on, and that is: there are no real rules that you need to follow. Makeup is supposed to be something to use for fun, to express yourself, to enhance your natural beauty or to completely change yourself for the day/night should you choose to. That means that YOU are the one who decides what looks and feels best on you. That also means that everything you're about to read is meant to help you find what enhances natural beauty on individuals with different skin tones, keeping their undertones in mind so that the makeup is both seamless and flawless. I want you to use this information so that you feel confident the next time you walk into a beauty store and choose new products.

Finding the best color palette for your undertone no longer has to be tricky. Below, I've listed 7 common skin tones and their most common undertones with the color palettes that tend to be the most flattering on each of them.

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  • Very Fair: Fair skin tends to be neutral or cooler undertones. Cooler-toned shades such as taupe, beige, and soft pinks compliment this undertone.

  • Light: Skin that's light but not as fair look best in cooler-toned shades that are more soft and neutral such as grays and deeper beiges.

  • Medium: This skin tone usually has the ability to go with both warmer and cooler colors because of the neutral undertone--LUCKY!!!

  • Olive: Like medium, olive can also do both warmer and cooler shades, though more vivid colors can also look great on this skin tone due to the neutral undertone leaning more towards warm.

  • Tan: This skin tone has a warm undertone and looks great with warmer shades like bronze as well as warmer tones such as orange.

  • Medium to Dark: This skin tone can go both cool and warmer in color.

  • Deep: This skin tone can go both cool and warm in color. Going more vivid with color can really pop against this skin tone giving off a beautiful wow factor!

It's important to keep in mind that anyone can have warm, neutral or cool undertones, which is why I encourage you to read 5 Easy Ways to Discover Your Undertone to figure out yours before you purchase new makeup! Remember the goal of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty, not change everything about your features (though it can do that too). Think YOU, elevated!

Will you choose colors differently now that you know more about what compliments your undertone? Tell me what you're excited to try next in comments.


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