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10 Ways to Celebrate YOU This Valentine's Day on Any Budget

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Valentine's Day can be a source of love and joy for some and pain and loneliness for others. After talking about the upcoming holiday with clients this week, I decided to change up the blog and offer up a reminder that no matter what your love life may look like right now, YOU are enough reason alone to celebrate love. Loving on yourself is always a great way to take care of your needs, build your confidence and lift your mood on any given day. Self-love comes in different forms for different people, so if my suggestions aren't your way of expressing it, you should absolutely do what feels best to you. However, I think you may find that there is something for everyone on this list. Here are 10 ways to celebrate you this valentine's day on any budget.

Budget Conscious Ways to Celebrate

  1. Movie Night at Home- watch your favorite movie or better yet, watch a couple of your favorites with a movie marathon.

  2. Spa Night at Home- put on some of your favorite chill music, light a few candles and take a bubble bath. I highly recommend adding Epsom salt to your bath for an elevated, relaxing experience. You can add a face mask and a DIY mani/pedi to your day/night if you're really into completing the spa-like experience.

  3. Pizza and wine- nothing better than not having to cook. If pizza/alcohol isn't your thing, you can easily substitute it with your favorite take-out food and delicious mocktail!

  4. Goal-setting & Vision Board making- it's never a bad time to set some long and/or short-term goals. Nothing says self-love more than making a plan for your future and a great way to manifest it is by putting together a vision board or list.

  5. Cozy up with a book- find your favorite spot, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and don't forget to grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage (coffee, tea and hot chocolate come to mind).

Out and About Ways to Celebrate

  1. Take yourself to a movie- and don't forget to grab popcorn/candy from the snack bar for the show!

  2. Make a reservation for 1 at your favorite restaurant- this one is pretty obvious, but if you're not wanting to go out solo, you could buy all the ingredients to make yourself a lavish, delicious meal at home.

  3. Take a class- yoga, cycling, art, photography, cooking...the list goes on.

  4. Schedule a spa service or beauty treatment- lift your mood, relax away stress and "glow up" with some of my favorite services: facials, waxing, lashes, brow services...all offered by yours truly. Or splurge on a massage treatment to relieve your body from stress, aches and pains with a Swedish or deep tissue massage.

  5. Buy yourself something you've wanted- the outfit, the shoes, the purse, the new iPhone, the skincare products, the book, the facial membership, gym deserve it!

So, treat yo'self at home on a budget or lavishly out and about this Valentine's Day and ditch anything making you feel any sort of negative way about February 14th! Are you wondering what my plans are? For years, my husband and I would go out to dinner with another couple, but once we had kids, plans changed. We turned it into a night where we would cook a fancy meal at home and eat it after the kids went to bed. We shifted to celebrating the day as a family a few years ago to include our big kids. We make a meal as a family and enjoy it together. This may sound like something we should do every night, but those of you who have kids in multiple activities and sports know that dinner as a family is often non-existent or rushed. This way we really enjoy each other's company, and we follow it up with game night. Low key, full of love and laughter--the way we prefer it these days. I'd love to hear your plans! Tell me in comments.


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